Lyrics en music sheets

On this page you’ll find songs that can be used as a basis voor your contribution for the Sweet Sorrow Contest, which may very well win the Sweet Sorrow Award!

Click the song title to download song texts and music sheets.

After that….. just sing! There will be a pianist to support you the finals.

We wish you all the luck and a lot of fun!

Master of my Fate

Melody: Rose so Red 1,2,3

Composer: Goethe’s Heidenroslien

Lyrics: Ria den Oudsten

Sweet Sorrow Love

Melody: Plaisir d'Amour

Composer: Jean-Paul Martini

Lyrics: Ria den Oudsten

New life in Snowmanland

 Melody: Mijn Nederland (Volksliedje)

Composer: Richard Hol

Lyrics: Ria den Oudsten

Tune of life

Melody: Danny Boy

Iers volksliedje

Lyrics: Ria den Oudsten

Sorrow and Tomorrow

 Melody: Die schönsten Volkslieder

Composer: Heinrich Heine

Lyrics: Ria den Oudsten

Snowman Puddle

Melody: Die Forelle

Composer: Franz Schubert

Lyrics: Ria den Oudsten

My dear Amour

Melody: Caro mio Ben

Ria den Oudsten